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FLC Kidz

Welcome to FLC Kids! 

Here at Frontlines church we are passionate about our children and engaging them in genuine relationship as well as authentic worship, prayer and study of The Word.

The mission for our kids ministry is to begin developing them early on to have a clear understanding of who Jesus is, the importance of relationship with The Lord, and how to grow in community with other young ones in their faith journey.  

It is not only imperative for these little ones to develop around others of like faith but also to adapt and learn what it means to share their faith with the non-believer alike! We want our little ones to understand that community is essential in the building and expansion of God's Kingdom and also that diversity of all backgrounds and cultures when unified together brings glory and praise to The Father!

Our children's program is constantly developing and expanding to what God is unfolding for these little giants in the faith. We believe it is of utmost importance to have these kids trained and equipped by experienced and proven leaders in ministry so that they in turn can quickly launch out in all The Father has aligned to them for their ordained purpose and mandates. 

If you'd like to partner with us in the building of this sector of ministry and have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

We are looking forward with great joy and excitement to see how God uses these little powerhouses of The Kingdom for His honor and glory here at Frontlines Church and beyond!

Kids in Church
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